Wind energy is one of the most important sources of renewable energy due to its high cost-efficiency and ample scope for development. More than 10% of global energy consumption is already generated by wind and in the coming years this share will increase considerably due to the development of both onshore and offshore wind farms. Within the Netherlands, Rebel is one of the best-known financial advisors in the field of financing, valuation, purchase and sale and other financial advice for wind farms. In addition to financial advice, Rebel is also frequently called upon for strategic policy decisions. For example, Rebel looks at participation and/or local ownership in wind projects (or similar). In addition, Rebel advises governments on the acceleration of wind energy. For example, Rebel researches methods for (financial) participation in wind projects, which ensures a better distribution of joys and burdens. We also map a region's social and spatial impact of offshore wind landfall (and the associated infrastructural changes).

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Wind energy for the future

Rebel has been involved in many wind farms, both in the Netherlands and abroad. We have raised funding for several large projects on land and are still asked for help with financial issues on a daily basis. Rebel is in great demand for valuation of wind farms, advice on financing structures, participation of the local environment, expansion, et cetera and is a well-known name among most large investors, developers, financiers and technical parties. Rebel has expertise and a long track record on financial issues in the wind sector for both private and public clients.  

In addition to onshore wind, Rebel is involved in various large offshore projects at home and abroad. Among other things, we advise consortia on making a bid in large tender processes, both on qualitative and quantitative aspects. In addition, we are often asked internationally to look at bids. Rebel is also active in new forms of wind energy, such as the development of floating wind farms. 

Rebel acts as an advisor in wind energy projects for M&A advice (buy and sell side), calculating a Business Case, thinking along about financing strategy of complex assets and the associated dependencies with various contracting parties, advising on strategy and taking care of and supervising a financing process up to Financial Close.

We provide M&A advice, calculate business cases and set up financing strategies with contractors. We also advise on (policy) strategy and provide and supervise a financing process up to financial close.


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