“All it takes is just one Rebel”

Rebel Foundation

The Foundation is committed to initiatives that would otherwise not get off the ground or stall. We take the initiative ourselves or help others realise ideas that contribute to a better society. We make a difference by sharing our knowledge, expertise and network. As Rebels, we go for the ideas we believe in with heart, tenacity and common sense. We do not let go until our goal is achieved, because we are convinced thatsmall wins in many different places eventually add up to big change, especially when we share our experiences with others.


We only invest in initiatives that we believe can make a real difference.


We start from with what’s possible. Our strength lies in overcoming obstacles along the way.


We move fast and only let go when we are confident that the initiative can stand on its own two feet.


We focus on initiatives that are scalable. Sometimes we start small and use the experience gained to scale it up. Other times, we’ll go big right away.


We focus on initiatives nobody has thought of yet or initiatives that do not seem to be making any progress. We give them a push in the right direction. We monitor our impact.

All Rebels can be initiators and implementers of projects

Who is who?

Founders: Nathalie Brocken and Nicole van Gils
Directors: Nathalie Brocken, Nicole van Gils and Kees Hörchner

Debt relief chatbot

Supporting an informal community welfare organisation in shaping a chatbot for debt relief.


Handbook on Reception of Ukrainian Displaced Citizens

On its own initiative, Rebel Foundation has developed a Guide for municipalities to help shape a (large-scale) reception site for (Ukrainian) displaced persons.

Cultivation forest

Developing a cultivated forest offers a solution to an expected shortage of green space, improves biodiversity and contributes to climate adaptation. A pilot project.

Want to meet or do you have a good project idea where the Rebel Foundation could help? Mail to: