circular economy

We need to take care of our world. At least by handling scarce resources differently to promote circularity. Rebel works daily on the circular economy. This sounds fun, but it is a necessity. The way we as humans handle our raw materials must change dramatically.

In short

Three propositions, infinite possibilities

Rebel works on three propositions to stimulate a circular economy: 1) Advice on policy, strategy and partnerships in value chains, 2) Quantification of environmental impact, and 3) circular procurement and contracting. Three propositions with infinite possibilities and a strong interaction: a resource material transition with minimal environmental impact is the ultimate goal. Rebel advises sectors such as textiles, plastics, construction and waste on the transition to a circular economy.

Based on thorough research, facts and figures, we help make a difference. Much is already happening to make the Dutch, Belgian and global economy circular, but we are not there yet. We believe that we can achieve a circular economy by working together. With supply chain partners, our clients and our competitors.

circular economy

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