circular procurement and contracting

Rebel helps organizations with circular procurement. To do that, we look beyond the procurement process. It requires strategy and ambition, but also looking into market development and ambitious goals.

Circular procurement

A quick intro

Governments are major buyers of raw materials and products. They purchase billions every year and thus potentially have an enormous influence on the circular development of companies. If they do this, they can be launching customers for sustainable innovations and thus make an important contribution to the transition to a circular economy. This can be done by setting circular requirements, but also by offering room in the contract for innovation. We know what the market can offer and what interests they have. We translate this into procurement. We see opportunities where others see obstacles.

But to take real sustainable steps, public parties must look beyond the procurement process. Sustainability must also be a topic of discussion at the board table and be included, for example, in the preparation of the budget. It starts with board-determined ambitions, concrete goals and clients who steer toward sustainability. We call this sustainable commissioning. Sustainable commissioning involves the entire organization.

Rebel helps public organizations develop a sustainable strategy and its implementation. We also help clients with (European) tenders aimed at innovation and sustainable results. This is customized work. For this, we use innovative tendering procedures and cooperation contracts aimed at dialogue and cooperation between the public and private sectors. We also help private parties win tenders with their sustainable innovations.


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