About Irene Seemann

A colleague once said: ‘Irene is like a Swiss army knife: cutting-edge and reliable, in pretty much any situation.’ I still take this a very nice compliment.

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In brief

I like to look at the world through the eyes of an economist – and I do mean the whole world! At Rebel I work on financial and economic issues in various sectors and in many different countries. My work is characterized by thorough analysis based on economic principles, a sound interest in what the project is about, and a strong drive to make a positive contribution to society.

While still working on projects worldwide, I am focusing more and more on my home country by developing the German market for Rebel.

As director of Rebel Deutschland, I am striving to make a difference at the interface of the public and the private sector. With cutting edge financial economic advisory, based on – literally – cross-boundary expertise and an innovative, yet realistic approach. No change without a Rebel, also in Germany!

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