Baseline Studies and Design for Strategic Coastal Protection and Flood Mitigation for Long Island

Realized in Bahamas

Long Island was hit by hurricane Joaquin in October 2015 resulting in severe damage and flooding. Together with our partners, Islands by Design, CDR and IHE we were tasked with baseline studies, assessing the flood risk and develop strategic coastal protection design to mitigate flooding for central Long Island.

The challenge

The low-lying islands of The Bahamas are characterized by its coastal and marine environment and ecosystem, which form the main identity of the country. The setting of Long Island makes it clear that biodiversity, environmental and social aspects need to play an important role and emphasizes the need for an integrated approach.

The approach

Our approach was to formulate a comprehensive plan that aims to identify, assess, and reduce the risks associated with natural disasters. It encompasses a range of activities and strategies that contribute to the prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery from disasters.

With a good understanding of the system and risks, which also means potential scenarios, occurrences and uncertainties, alternative options can be compared, and actions can be prioritized. We focus on integrated coastal zone management and its integration with climate resilient strategies.

The experience of a Rebel

An important project to protect the region

"While visiting Long Island I was amazed by the beauty of the coastal areas as well as by the friendliness and solidarity of the local communities. The importance of protecting such a region became immediately clear."
Irene Seemann


We help to protect the local communities of the Bahamas and the land itself from future disasters.