public administration

How do we make policy better and increase overall welfare? Which works not only on paper, but also in practice for those affected? Public governance is about how the public sector makes social decisions. Decisions that affect us all. Ensuring public administration functions well is in everyone's interest. That is why we work on well thought-out policy, powerful government organizations and the effective use of public money. Whether it is about sufficient comfortable housing, good work and equal opportunities, clean mobility or making the economy more sustainable: policy must be deployed in such a way that it increases prosperity in the broadest sense of the word.

Public Administration

A short intro

Rebel helps governments and organizations make better policies. Not from political hobbyhorses or vested interests, but from a substantive analysis.

We provide tailored advice – solicited and unsolicited – for municipalities, provinces, the state and (social) organizations. By providing insight into complex problems, we offer our clients better solutions.

public administration


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