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Policies are only effective if they are properly implemented and managed. Here, the public organization plays an important role. From policy preparation to evaluation, from conception to execution, from funding to support. A good public administration is organized to be decisive, effective and agile. With a set of governance, structures and organizations that work well together and are effective - at acceptable social costs. Rebel is committed to society. And that society benefits from a well-functioning public organization.

In short

Moving toward effective public sector organization

The public organization is the entirety of the governance and organization of the public sector. Social issues and changing needs in society require an effective, compact and agile public organization. (Semi)government organizations find themselves – in constantly changing roles – in a complex and moving network with business, social organizations and residents. Substantive tasks such as climate, care and poverty require the public organization to work together smartly, reduce bureaucracy and deliver more customization close to the citizen.

Rebel contributes to the improvement of public organization by supporting governments and organizations in developing effective governance, organizational structures and processes. How do you organize that the goals from policy are also achieved in practice. By means of substantive analyses and customized consultancy work, we contribute to a government that can fulfill its important tasks.


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