your career at Rebel

Are you born a Rebel or do you become a Rebel? A bit of both. It’s something you have inside you. But if you still have a tendency to sit on the fence when you join us, never fear: we will soon bring out the red-hot Rebel in you!

The Rebel way

Are you a Rebel?

At Rebel, we’re not just employees – we’re shareholders. We’re a group of small companies that believe in decentralization and entrepreneurship, working together under one banner. Looking for a creative and inspiring work environment? Join us!

Meet the Rebels

We’re not big on formality. Instead, we let our skills speak for themselves, and we’ll tell you if we don’t have all the answers. We keep our finger on the pulse in terms of the best solutions available, so that we’re always sure to find that Rebel road to success. Does this make your heart beat faster?

Meet our Rebels