How do we create livable, accessible, and sustainable cities, with enough homes for everyone? By approaching this challenge from multiple perspectives, such as mobility, sustainability, and inclusivity, we ensure social, livable cities that are ready for the future.

A quick intro

Sustainable regeneration

Around the world, growing cities face the challenge of ensuring a high quality of life while improving sustainability. In the Netherlands, a key challenge is helping municipalities, housing corporations, and heat suppliers find their way in the heating transition. We support them on this journey with our extensive knowledge of the energy sector, legislation, financing, and the structuring of public-private partnerships. 

Our expertise goes beyond local regeneration, allowing us to approach urban issues from a number of different angles. Because you can’t talk about local regeneration without talking about mobility, transportation, sustainability, livability, and social challenges. At Rebel, we know it’s all about the bigger picture.


smart cities & real estate

How mobility, sustainability, innovation, connection, policy, and quality of life can go hand in hand.

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