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Concrete dominates the modern cityscape, making green look like an afterthought. The reason: we tend to think of urban greenery as a costly expense, rather than an investment. It’s high time we take a different perspective. Because in reality, green spaces add value and improve our quality of life. Trees and plants purify the air we breathe and help us adapt to climate change, by absorbing excess rainwater and providing natural cooling. Moreover, a balanced ecosystem contributes to biodiversity in the neighborhood, offering benefits to both humans and wildlife. Rebel lays the foundation for urban nature, by showing how green spaces can enrich our cities.

What to expect

We know the value

We at Rebel prefer to do things differently, by tackling issues from our own perspective. How can we rearrange revenue models so that nature benefits, while we ourselves benefit financially? 

Our strength lies in the ability to make the value of nature apparent. If we can demonstrate the value of greenery, we can also entice parties to invest more. This is how we help make urban areas more attractive. 

We examine what an area requires to offer scope for flora and fauna, while calculating the benefits of more green space. For instance, we demonstrate to municipalities how more nature can contribute to water management, so that existing cash flows can be freed up. And we complete the business case for nature by pointing out the added value to entrepreneurs. 

Consider a green wall for instance, which has a cooling effect and therefore cuts costs. After all, it implies that fewer climate measures need to be taken inside the building. The result: ‘green’ becomes easier to finance.


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