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Our world is becoming increasingly densely populated. We want to work, reside and live in the same relatively small area. The social responsibility is considerable, which implies that the projects in question make quite an impact. Rebel really gets its teeth into issues associated with area development. We adopt an integrated approach that renders cities, villages and the countryside alike both robust and futureproof.

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Smart plans, keen business cases

Rebel prefers to tackle complex issues which involve a range of interests and conditions. We are innovative, optimistic and sometimes unconventional. We speak and listen to everyone involved and take into account the (legal) preconditions, existing buildings and the future.

True Rebels are familiar with the issues and understand the content. We compose a compact and effective team, which comprises all the right people, to construct the social impact of your project. We support collaboration and decision-making. We help construct the future with smart plans, keen business cases and comprehensible social cost-benefit analyses.


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