Improvements in the handling of earthquake damage in Groningen

Realized in The Netherlands

What improvements in the handling of physical damage are possible to better meet residents’ expectations?


The handling of the earthquake damage in Groningen does not always meet the expectations of residents. There is a gap between these expectations and what politics and government (can) deliver. This prompted a study of the entire process of physical damage settlement: from the moment damage is assessed to the moment of damage repair or objection or appeal.


We analyzed a document study, satisfaction surveys, and interviews with resident organizations, governments, and other responsible agencies. From this, we identified the main bottlenecks and what the possible solutions are. These include addressing problems at the system level, such as broadening legal frameworks and expanding the fixed fee.

We also found solutions with a positive impact in the short term: conducting personal interviews with residents, strengthening the independence of experts, and stopping heavy legal processes against residents, for example.


We provided concrete solutions to improve the handling of earthquake damage.