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Driven by innovation and a passion for change, I challenge norms and inspire solutions that redefine the boundaries of the possible.

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In brief

At Rebel, I deal with a wide range of topics and sectors, such as highway fast-charging stations and analysing the sustainability strategy of government agencies. My main role lies in analysing problems and coming up with innovative insights. As an economist and tax expert, I am skilled in both quantitative and qualitative research, which ensures a thorough and versatile approach to problems. My key skills are in-depth data analysis, strategic planning and the ability to communicate complex concepts in an understandable way to different stakeholders.

The essence of my motivation lies in tackling challenging problems. I thrive in environments where innovation is not only encouraged but necessary, where the status quo is constantly challenged and where creative, out-of-the-box thinking is the norm. My ideal work environment is one that fosters collaboration, encourages continuous learning and aligns with my passion for making a tangible, positive impact on society.