quantifying environmental impact

Rebel provides swift and transparent insight into the environmental impact of an organization, product, service or chain. Based on our analyses, managers and policy makers make well-informed strategic choices.

Quantifying environmental impact

In short

Organizations need to understand the environmental impact. Rebel helps organizations reduce environmental impact via analyses of products, services or the organization.

We follow several steps to help clients gain the insight they need. First, we take a joint look at the value chain in which they operate. We then develop a model according to the FAST modeling technique. This model combines customer data with climate data to arrive at an interactive dashboard with environmental impact KPIs. This can take various forms, such as emissions, material use and air and water pollution. But also in different scopes, such as your organization or the entire chain. Together with clients, we then discuss where more insights are needed to help make the right decisions to reduce impact.

Using recognized standards and databases, our data-driven experts are ready to provide quick strategic insights. Don’t expect a one-off report, but a transparent model and concrete suggestions that you can use to reduce environmental impact. In this way, we offer clients direction in making the world a little more beautiful.


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