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As consultants, we enjoy working on challenging projects, but we also enjoy investing in them ourselves. When it comes to investing, we deliver added value through our continuous search for innovation and improvement. We invest in projects that we believe in and in sectors in which we have a lot of experience, but we also dare to invest in (start-up) companies with enterprising people with good ideas.

Invest and develop

The service

We operate in markets we understand well. These are often sectors where the government plays a major role from a public interest perspective, such as infrastructure, transport, energy, education and healthcare. We want to invest in projects, companies that we think we can take a (big) step forward with our expertise and network. We do not act only as financial investors. We are far too hands-on for that, with a strong opinion and entrepreneurial spirit. As a developer, we take up the gauntlet ourselves. Usually together with partners – and without a paying customer – we initiate projects and companies to bring them to fruition. Sometimes these are projects and businesses that require a long haul. And sometimes they are initiatives that try to formulate an answer to apparently unsolvable situations. This is how we like to contribute to the realization of socially relevant initiatives that we will be proud to look back on years from now.

Our development activities often go hand in hand with advice or involvement as an investor. We do not see ourselves competing with other developers, but rather focusing on initiatives that lie outside the traditional development areas. We join construction consortia as full partners and offer support during the tendering and execution phase.

A deep dive

We take on a variety of responsibilities, including tender management, EMVI and project management. Our approach is always values-driven. This means that we focus on opportunities to improve the social return of our projects. In this, we always look for partners with complementary technical knowledge and expertise. Our strength lies in managing the collaboration with clients, determining the project strategy and developing a creative, values-driven approach. Because we are involved in writing the winning bid, we can translate ideas from the tender phase into practice during the implementation phase. This provides us with all the necessary ingredients for impactful construction projects with healthy returns. We believe that good cooperation and mutual understanding between public and private stakeholders are the keys to profitable projects.


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