the power of solar energy

With almost 18,000 GWh of production in 2022, solar was the second largest source of renewable energy in the Netherlands after wind. Many small and large-scale solar projects are also planned for development in the coming years. This means that solar will be leading for future sustainable energy production in the Netherlands and worldwide.

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Solar panels or solar farms?

Rebel is an expert in solar energy. Rebel advises developers, investors and governments at every stage of a solar farm. For example, we have advised on raising financing for the construction of many large-scale solar parks and assist (international) clients in the purchase and sale of their solar parks.

For governments, we investigate how they can fulfill their policy objectives, for example with possibilities for local participation or subsidies. We are also actively involved as consultants to companies offering solar panels as a service, both business and private. In addition to these concrete projects, Rebel also looks at prospects and opportunities for further stimulation. As an example, we looked at how big the market is for Energy as a Service and how we can get it going even more.

So Rebel is one of the best-known players in the field of strategic and financial advice for solar energy and projects and we have many references and insights in the strategic, technical and financial fields. Our strategic and financial-economic advice helps entrepreneurs and governments achieve regional, national and even international climate goals.

The past decade has seen a lot of onshore solar developed, consisting of large-scale projects built by local promoters or by developers. In addition to land-based solar, more and more local solutions such as rooftop solar are emerging. Rebel is a financial advisor for locally owned solar on-roof (by raising financing for solar panel rental companies) and large-scale solar on-roof projects, think a portfolio of companies with a large barn.

Rebel acts as an advisor in solar projects for M&A advice (buy and sell side), calculating a Business Case, thinking along on financing strategy of complex assets and the associated dependencies with various contract parties, advising on (policy) strategy and providing and supervising a financing process up to Financial Close.

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