organizing complex decision-making

Large change tasks, a complex political context and the insight that we can only create a future-proof world through public-private cooperation. Many parties are involved in transitions and complex decision-making processes, and the trick is to arrive at a shared vision of the future with these parties and then work together. We live in a time of rapid innovation. But in many markets, problems with governance and structuring models stand in the way of broad implementation. Moreover, time-consuming decision-making processes sometimes prevent the private sector from contributing to impactful societal solutions. We assist our clients until the results of our collaboration are visible, and we do not rest until we have made a real impact. We know the world and have extensive international experience in highly complex ecosystems with many different actors.

Organizing complex decision-making

The service

We have the role of the “trusted third party” and “sharpener” in this type of process; we design the process, make the ground rules about participation, information provision and decision-making, and are there for all parties. We untangle the tangle in assignments where many parties with divergent interests have to find a solution together. From genuine interest in the problems, motives and interests of those involved, we ensure that they have confidence in the path we follow together and the place each party has in that path. We organize the complex content and organize a process using a well-prepared dialogue. Content and creative and productive forms of work. We ensure shared understanding so that people speak the same language and acceptance arises. Whether public-public or public-private. We work together on supported decision-making.

Deep dive

We have an eye for all ‘stakeholders’. Just think of the cooperation that needs to be established for the energy transition. In this context, for example, Rebel supervises the process of creating the Regional Energy and Climate Strategy (REKS) in the Heart of Brabant. A project in which very many stakeholders and different governments, each with their interests, must find an approach together for an issue that affects people. People do not want to decide about windmills in their backyard or about a heat transition that will cost citizens money anyway. That is what we find a nice challenge. Where stakeholders must switch from policy to implementation, that is where Rebel’s strength lies.


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