About Eleonoor Hintzen

I’m in my element when I can mobilize people in public and private organizations, and give them insight into their role in the sustainability transition.

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In brief

As a real behavior-change expert, I create and encourage readiness and innovative capacity among employees to accelerate sustainability efforts. With my background in psychology, I support organizations in adjusting their processes and structures. I motivate employees by inspiring them to make sustainability part of their daily work.

My analytical mindset drives me to figure out exactly how things work – whether it’s business processes or why it’s best to use waxy potatoes if you want to make mashed potatoes.

In addition to my work at Rebel, I’m also a supervisor at Wakibi, a wonderful platform that makes it possible for anyone to provide microcredits to businesses in countries like India. That’s exactly where my passion lies: enabling people to make an impact in an efficient and inspiring way.

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