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More people, more crowds, a lot of demand in a small space. The pressure on public space in our cities is a major challenge that requires innovative solutions. Transport to, from and within cities needs to be reshaped. Fortunately, new and smart forms of mobility are emerging as promising options to create liveable, safe and accessible cities. We know the policy objectives and potential contributions that mobility innovations can make to achieve these goals.

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Mobility transition? Mobility revolution

One smart form of mobility after another is popping up. All promising options to create liveable, safe and accessible cities. A kickstart to the mobility transition. We are well aware of the policy objectives and the potential contributions to them of mobility innovations. Our knowledge, our rebellious nature and our drive to improve the world result in complete business cases. In these, we express values with which we convince parties.

As our cities continue to grow, they inevitably face new challenges. For example, increasing pressure on space, traffic flow and road safety. We always keep abreast of the latest developments. From MaaS (Mobility as a Service) and shared mobility to smart driving support systems and digitised mobility networks. We understand their impact on our cities and are always looking to potentially augment them. In some areas, we even drive innovation. Our mission is to bring new mobility to the streets.


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