Creating a winning tender strategy for Fastned

Realized in Netherlands, Belgium, Germany

While Fastned is Europe’s biggest provider of quick charging stations it now has to deal with fast growing competition. Reason enough for Fastned to take a critical look at their tender approach. Multiple Rebels joined forces to help Fastned increase their chances of winning.


Fastned is a pioneer and frontrunner when it comes to public charging infrastructure and fast charging along highways in the Netherlands and other parts of Northwestern Europe. But with the ever-expanding electric vehicle market, new players are entering the market and prices are under increasing pressure. It is increasingly important to take a critical look at how the unique selling points of a quality-driven party such as Fastned are better reflected in the registrations they make. Rebel has been asked to help Fastned with this.


We helped Fastned understand how they can better shape their procurement strategy, but also how they can convey this message in a more concrete (SMART) way.



By thoroughly analyzing previous tenders and the organization and providing them with concrete (hands-on) feedback in current tenders, we do not simply help them win tenders, but we teach them how to do justice to their unique qualities and passion in their bids.

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With our help Fastned is now pioneering the electric only service areas.

The experience of a Rebel

An exciting new project

"We have come to know the Fastned organization as an ambitious and passionate club where quality comes first. It'sIt is great that we can help them express this quality and thus contribute to their mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility."
Financial advisor
Richard de Bruin