Ports and Logistics

“We have the substantive knowledge and skills and a wide range of experience with multi-stakeholder processes”

Years of experience

Rebel is a dynamic consultancy firm specializing in the public-private interface. Together with our clients, we contribute to a more sustainable world with every project we work on. At the same time, we approach every challenge with a strong commitment to economic progress. We have a passionate team focused on logistics projects in a broader social context, with years of experience in ports and logistics. Our projects range from optimizing container terminals to creating new models for fine-mesh urban distribution.

In addition to extensive knowledge of ports and logistics activities, our in-house team of specialists also has a wealth of financial and economic expertise. We are able to meet current challenges within the broader context of societal changes and the energy transition.

Our goal is to bring about change, and to initiate and realize our own projects. For each of those projects, we make optimal use of our team’s specialized market and industry knowledge – and of our access to the expertise of other Rebel teams. Most of our Rebels have a background in the private sector. This makes us a rock-solid project team with a great deal of substantive knowledge of the ports and logistics market, both in terms of the economic aspects and risks.

Join us and be part of the change! Now is the time to look beyond existing structures. For governments, companies, and individuals. There’s no change without a Rebel!

Our expertise

We have various in-house competencies that together provide unique added value.

Experts in drawing up logistic models

One of our core competencies is creating user-friendly, transparent, and insightful logistics models. These models are an excellent tool for complex decision-making, especially when multiple stakeholders are involved.

Extensive knowledge of transport models

More specifically, we have vast experience in drawing up and harnessing all kinds of transport models, for all modes of passenger and goods transport.

Experience with multi-stakeholder trajectories

We always interact with the broader stakeholder field when tackling transport policy issues. In multi-stakeholder processes like these, having a clear overview of the interests and desires of each stakeholder – and keeping a finger on the pulse as things progress – is crucial.

Crunching the numbers for business cases

As a financial and economic consultancy firm, we not only have experience with structuring solutions, but also with evaluating financial feasibility.

Our experts

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