zero emission: the future is zero-emission

Rebel provides advice and support on all facets of transportation. From road, water and rail transport to high-speed lines, high-capacity metro systems, (fast) streetcars and (air) ports. We are always looking ahead and providing advice for the future. And we believe that the future is zero emissions. Moving without emissions: that is the goal. We are building the road to it.

In short

Full speed ahead

As true Rebels do, we lead the way in our knowledge of transition issues around driving and boating zero emissions. We are paving the way to realize the ambitions of governments and private parties. We already stood at the cradle of the development of Zero Emission Public Transport. As Benelux coordinator, we developed the strategy for the European hydrogen program JIVE2, for the implementation and infrastructure of 60 hydrogen buses. And we worked with governments to roll out charging and H2 refueling infrastructure along strategic shipping corridors in the Netherlands.

We have the knowledge and the rebellious approach. Our ambitions are big. Full speed ahead, foot on the gas pedal with zero emissions.


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