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Today's transport companies face unprecedented challenges: fewer passengers, insufficient funding and increasing maintenance needs. Public transport is under high pressure. Rebel knows how to handle these dynamics. We examine how the system can be made more efficient, what is needed to realise the public transport of the future and how we can make a positive social impact. This is how we work on a new, sustainable public transport system that puts passengers and the environment first.

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Inclusivity, efficiency and accessibility

Rebel is working on the future of the mobility sector. Between shrinking passenger numbers, insufficient funding, increasing maintenance and staffing needs, and safety and reliability challenges, the urgency to come up with creative solutions that allow agencies to deliver more inclusive and attractive services is high. The old system is undergoing a shake-up; new technologies are defining the future of public transport.

Rebel is a trusted advisor to public transport agencies around the world. We get to work redesigning the mobility future of transport operators by identifying new technologies, business models and delivery methods to achieve their goals. We do this based on data-driven insights, technology and policy expertise and private sector experience. We identify new solutions aimed at reducing barriers to transport and increasing travellers’ access to opportunities.


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