Negotiated grant of main rail network concession 2025-2033

Realized in The Netherlands

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Waterways intended to award the HRN concession privately to Dutch Railways. Rebel supported the ministry in the steps required to reach an awarded concession.

The challenge

The ministry was faced with the task of awarding an ambitious concession contract to NS, in financially challenging circumstances. Rebel acted as substantive and strategic advisor.

The approach

Rebel advised the ministry on all the key steps in the concession award: from the policy proposal with the substantive objectives, through the schedule of requirements and various draft versions of the concession, to the final award.

Rebel’s consultancy work was mainly substantive, focusing on the requirements to be set, the feasibility of the requirements and how this was described in the concession. In addition, Rebel was involved in the implementation process. Rebel supported on content in many of the discussions held with NS.

The experience of a Rebel

An exciting project to work on

"Fantastic to help IenW with an integral concession of such magnitude."
Stijn Minderhoud


The ministry has been enabled to continue offering value to passengers on the main rail network under difficult financial circumstances.