costs and benefits of climate adaptation

Costs and benefits of climate adaptation

A quick intro

While climate adaptation is gaining traction in spatial and economic development sectors with the emergence of new concepts and practical adaptation measures, there’s a notable absence of a similar momentum in the fundamental project components: economic assessments and financial planning. Elevating the execution of climate adaptation and the prioritization of measures to the next level demands more than just sound concepts and strategies; it necessitates economically viable implementation and financing strategies. This is where one of our core strengths comes into play: evaluating costs and benefits, conducting economic and financial assessments of these measures.

Our mission:

We offer state-of-the-art economic analyses, including cost-benefit assessments utilizing the FAST modeling standard, for climate adaptation measures. Additionally, we explore various funding and financing options, offering assistance during the application process as required. Furthermore, we create in-depth business cases tailored for the private sector, facilitating the foundation for informed business decisions regarding investments in climate adaptation.


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