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As an analyst and strategic advisor, I enjoy working on projects where social and economic value are on equal footing. I have a strong substantive drive, without losing the notion that at the end of the day, it must be done together.

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In brief

At Rebel, I am committed to turning the tide of ecological decline. My legal-economic background gives me the weight to create ecological value with smart solutions within the system. Because it is precisely because of system failure that the enormous added value of nature is underestimated.

I am at my best when I can bridge the gap between the substance and the process. With my background in data and hunger for knowledge, I am substantively strong, but this knowledge can only be of any use, when it is translated to a language everybody understands.

By communicating complex issues clearly, listening carefully to all stakeholders and being open to other opinions, I help steer projects in the right direction. Because I realize all too well that impact can only be made by doing it together.


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