Green Hydrogen

Renewable energy as a key to a sustainable future.

Rebel is a specialized infrastructure and renewable energy advisory practice with worldwide experience and a thorough understanding of the green hydrogen landscape: we focus our services on the financial indicators, economic drivers, policy options and social aspects across the entire green hydrogen value chain.

Green hydrogen is key to global decarbonisation 

We are faced with the large challenge of quickly decarbonizing our society to maintain a livable planet. In this transition to net zero it is widely recognized that green hydrogen is to be incorporated in the renewable energy system. With its broad range of applications, expected reductions in capital costs and increasing efficiency, the hydrogen market will grow considerably, and hydrogen will become heavily traded. Governments recognize the importance of green hydrogen in the energy transition, and many have established policies to stimulate further developments. Cooperation and coordination between public and private sectors are now needed to advance project proposals to final investment decisions.  

We find that future proof decision-making on hydrogen necessitates systemic, thorough, and perhaps a bit of rebellious advisory. 

We take on an integrated approach to valuing hydrogen supply chains  

Producing green hydrogen does not only require a state-of-the art electrolyser. We need to consider all related factors, among which renewable energy production, transmission, electrolysis, storage, transport, distribution, reconversion, etc. Our work extends across all these elements in the relevant markets. This ranges from large renewable energy transactions and green hydrogen certification to hydrogen infrastructure for mobility and supply chain analysis for distribution of hydrogen through large international ports 

We create impact by providing a wide range of advisory services  

  • Strategic advice & development

We formulate short-term and long-term strategies and a vision for both projects and companies, always in consultation with our partners. We develop a thorough plan for current challenges and ensure a solid base for future decisions. We look at both the company and the market as a whole for optimal solutions that can be implemented. 

  • Financial advice & modelling

We give financial advice including optimizing, structuring and arranging financing for projects, companies, and even ideas. Our advice is based on quick scans, risk analyses, financial models and strategies. We build tailor-made models based on a flexible and reliable modular structure. Our models are transparent and allow our partners to operate the inputs and review outputs themselves. 

  • Policy analysis, advice & evaluation

Our background in finance, economics and public policy enables us to carry out economic and policy research and evaluations. We give advice on decision-making by combining theory with practice, drawing on the practical implications of often complex political contexts. We are quick to pinpoint economic, social and organizational barriers and opportunities, and to find the key to realizing a particular ambition.

  • PPP consulting & contracts

Rebel leads the way in engaging new forms of contracts and partnerships, with the creation of added value as our constant priority. This calls for smart risk allocation and customization. In partnership consulting, we use the development power of the market by carrying out market consultations at an early stage. Rebel also develops procurement procedures and tenders together with the public sector and incorporates incentives to maximize the appeal to the private sector.

“Rebels do not settle for untangling separate parts of the hydrogen puzzle, but instead are set to unravel the complete hydrogen chain – presenting practical recommendations while thinking from a systems perspective. While doing so, we do not fret to separate realistic, viable hydrogen applications from the wishful thinking hydrogen hype.”

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