Introduction of 60 hydrogen buses in the Benelux

Realized in The Netherlands

Introduction of 60 hydrogen buses in the Benelux

The EU intends to introduce 150 hydrogen fuel cell buses in order to reduce harmful emissions. Rebel has initiated a project to have 60 such buses hit the roads in the Dutch provinces of Zuid-Holland, Groningen, Drenthe, and Gelderland before long.

The approach

As the Benelux coordinator for the European ‘JIVE2’ H2 program, Rebel set up a partnership with the transit authorities in the provinces of Zuid-Holland, Groningen/Drenthe, and Gelderland. Together, we drew up an implementation strategy for hydrogen buses and hydrogen infrastructure in the Benelux.

Rebel provided support with respect to the procurement of buses and the implementation of the H2 station in Zuid-Holland.


By the end of 2021, public transport will be operating 60 hydrogen buses.