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The public development of green hydrogen in Africa is key to a sustainable future. But how can governments go beyond the hype and finance viable hydrogen projects that add value for both the public and private sectors? And what challenges await along the way?  

On March 5th, Rebel is bringing together industry leaders for a thought-provoking conversation on green hydrogen in Africa. During an hour-long webinar, we’ll hear from interesting guest speakers and gain insight from relevant case studies, for a critical perspective on green hydrogen as an emerging sector.  

Webinar: New Perspectives on Green Hydrogen in Africa

March 5th, 2024 | 2:00 pm CET / 3:00 pm SAST / 4 pm EAT  – 75 minutes total

  • Introduction and overview of program 
  • Facilitator: Kees Hörchner (Rebel) 
  • New perspectives on green hydrogen as an emerging sector in Africa + its challenges
    – speaker: Dr Rebecca Maserumule, Chief Director Hydrogen and Energy, Department of Science and Innovation (DST), South Africa 
  • Creating win-win partnerships in hydrogen exports
    – speaker: Mr Lehbib Khroumbaly, Senior advisor for the energy transition and the development of green hydrogen, Ministry of Oil, Energy and Mines, Mauritania 
  • Transport infrastructure needs to enable the hydrogen export industry
    – Speaker: Rico Salgmann, Transport Specialist, Global Transport Knowledge and Expertise, World Bank
  • Green Hydrogen as an emerging and promising market
    – Speaker: Adinda Preller, Energy Specialist, Phelan Green Energy
  • Q&A
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Dr Rebecca Maserumule 

Chief Science and Technology Representative Department of Science and Innovation, National Department of Science and Innovation, South Africa  

Dr Rebecca Maserumule is a Chief Science and Technology Representative at the National Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) in South Africa.  Her responsibilities include fostering international partnerships to support the successful implementation of the Hydrogen Society Roadmap.

Dr Maserumule is the Chairperson of the International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy (IPHE). She is also a board member of the South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI) as well as a member of the Green Hydrogen Commercialisation Panel established by the Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition.

Lehbib Khroumbaly 

Senior advisor for the energy transition and the development of green hydrogen, Ministry of Oil, Energy and Mines, Mauritania 

Khroumbaly Lehbib currently holds the position of senior advisor for the energy transition and the development of green hydrogen at the Ministry of Oil, Mines and Energy.   

Since 2019, Khroumbaly Lehbib has served as a technical advisor responsible for the upstream hydrocarbons sector within the same department. His extensive professional journey within the Société Mauritanienne des Hydrocarbures encompasses diverse roles, including auditing, modeling, and contract negotiation.  

Trained as an economist and holding a Magister’s degree in economics, Khroumbaly Lehbib boasts two decades of expertise in the energy industry, showcasing a distinct specialization in the oil and gas sector. 

Rico Salgmann 

Transport Specialist, Global Transport Knowledge and Expertise, World Bank 

Rico Salgmann is a Transport Specialist in the World Bank’s Global Transport Unit, working on the Bank’s engagement in shipping and ports and the transport sector’s energy transition. Prior to joining the World Bank, he worked in the shipping industry, in offshore energy and in the ship finance industry for several years. At Credit Suisse, he led the technical implementation of the Poseidon Principles, a framework for climate-aligned ship lending. 

Adinda Preller 

Energy Specialist, Phelan Green Energy 

Adinda leads Business and Market Development at Phelan Green Energy, with a primary focus on developing markets and partnerships for PtX projects. 

Prior to working for Phelan Green Energy, she worked extensively across the energy value chain in operations and commercial roles in the private and public sectors. 

Adinda holds a first degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA from the University of Cape Town GSB. She is currently pursuing an MSc in Major Programme Management at Oxford University Said Business School. 

Kees Hörchner (moderator) 

Financial advisor and entrepreneur at Rebel 

Kees Hörchner is co-founder of Rebel and a professional lateral thinker, specializing in getting complex and innovative projects off the ground. His specialty is the nexus of financing and contracts. 

Kees works as a financial advisor with extensive experience in the private financing of complex projects in port, road and rail infrastructure and operations, (renewable) energy and green hydrogen, healthcare and real estate. He has work experience in over 40 countries, mainly in EMEA. 

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