Strategy & Capacity Building: Learn about Rebel’s Fund-Advisory Services

Rebel is at the spearpoint of the public and private sector. We work on the development of public-private investment funds: where the public sector mobilizes private capital resources for good.  

We advise and support public, quasi-public and private organizations in the development of investment strategies and capacity to mobilize capital resources for investments in infrastructure development, climate mitigation and adaptation, renewable energy food security, and health care. 

Rebels in finance

Rebels are creative in our way of approaching problem-solving. The first thing we do is ask our clients what it is exactly what they are trying to solve. Sometimes the solution can be simpler than what was originally envisioned.  

International experience

When you hire Rebel, you tap into the experience of people who have been working across many different regions. We look for solutions that have proven to be effective elsewhere and localize it in the context of a specific region or sector. 

We focus on the end goal

We stay focused on the main goal: transferring knowledge to our clients. What is unique about our approach is that we seek to make ourselves redundant. Rebel has a track record in doing so. 

What does Rebel’s fund advisory services look like in practice? View the case studies below


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