Bahamas Infrastructure Investment Platform

Realized in Bahamas

Due to the impacts of Hurricane Dorian in 2019, the effects of COVID-19, and the economic impacts of the energy crisis from the Russia-Ukraine conflict, there is a need for climate-resilient (public) infrastructure in energy, transport, coastal defense, and food security.


With its limited public resources, the Government of the Bahamas seeks to mobilize private sources of capital by developing the Bahamas Infrastructure Growth Platform.

The approach

Rebel was asked by the IADB to support the Government of the Bahamas. We were commissioned to structure an investment platform with the capacity to generate public resources through the development of a Sovereign Wealth Fund and valorization of public assets

The aim was to realize sectorspecific investments in renewable energy, food security & tourism infrastructure. We provided international expertise on how to develop public-private investment funds that can mobilize private capital.  


A newly structured investment platform that uses public funding for renewable energy in the Bahamas