Every Rebel has a specific skillset. But naturally, our skills are always developing. We always choose the best team, the combination that can create the greatest impact. Our main specializations are: strategic advice & development, business analysis & evaluation, partnership consulting & contracts, financial advice & modelling, and investments & fund management.

Strategic advice & development

In collaboration with our partners, we determine the strategy and vision for a project or company, both short term and long term. For strategic advice, we look at both the company itself and the market as a whole. We develop a thorough plan so that the way ahead and the tactical approach are clear: a solid base for future decisions. But the same applies to acute problems. We always base our approach on verifiable evidence and always in consultation with our partners. After all, every strategy relies on solid support. Organizational development is just as crucial as the quality of the strategic plan itself. This covers design, structure, culture, hierarchy, transition and leadership. In these areas, we demonstrate a strong commitment to enterprise.

Analysis & evaluation

Our background in finance, economics and management enables us to carry out economic research, policy research, evaluations, social cost-benefit analyses and risk analyses, drawing up business cases and providing advice throughout all phases of a project. We also advise on more general aspects of the decision-making process, outside the remit of a specific project. We are strong on theory, but we also know all about the practical implications and the often complex political context. We are quick to pinpoint the economic pitfall at the root of a particular problem, or to find the key to realizing a particular ambition.

Our evaluations are almost always accompanied by a consideration of the future and proposals for improvements, tested for feasibility in consultation with stakeholders. Far from being box-tickers with standard instruments, we develop or adapt our own instruments, tailored to provide real and relevant answers. Forget pointless paperwork – you can count on a customized approach based on interaction with our partners.

PPP consulting & contracts

Rebel leads the way in new forms of contracts and partnership consulting, with the creation of added value as our constant priority. This calls for smart risk allocation and customization. Both public-private (PPP, P3, etc.) and public-public agreements benefit from well-balanced contracts with added value over the long term. In partnership consulting, we use the development power of the market by carrying out market consultations at an early stage. Rebel also develops procurement procedures and tenders together with the public sector. We know exactly which incentives we need to incorporate in order to maximize the appeal to the private sector.

Investing & fund management

We are advisors but also investors. This makes us a welcome guest on both sides of the table. We invest in projects ourselves, so we share some of the risks, as well as providing our partners with investment advice and guiding them through major investment decisions. In 2017, we at Rebel started our own fund under the name EPICo (European Projects Investment Company). The fund is the embodiment our own advice: if you believe in your projects, you should invest in them. EPICo concentrates on smaller and medium-sized infrastructure projects, with a focus on public-private-partnerships for infrastructure, real estate and renewable energy.

Data science

Data is becoming more and more important for gaining insight into various markets. We combine the skills of our data scientists – such as dashboard development, statistical analysis, predictive modeling (machine learning and deep learning), and data engineering – with the domain knowledge of our experts and the clients we work with. We believe that data in itself says very little, and that strong cooperation is needed to transform data into useful information and, eventually, knowledge. That’s how we continue to navigate the ever-growing data landscape.