organizing cooperation between organizations

In tackling major social issues and transitions, parties (public, private) must work together. We connect organizations on a common task and organize the cooperation. We do this in steps, in a predictable process with great attention to the underlying interests and viewpoints of these organizations. With an understanding of organizational forms that work. We ensure that governance is in order, that funding and (financial) management relationships offer peace and confidence and that there is sufficient room for the interests of all parties. We assist our clients until the results of our cooperation are visible, and we do not rest until we have made a real impact.

Organizing cooperation between organizations

The service

Think of us as the man in the middle. As a trusted and independent third party, we continuously feed the parties with information and concrete proposals. We visualize the consequences of choices, name the “spicy peppers and hard nuts” between the organizations and prepare the decision-making process. We provide workable solutions and are not only the designer of the agreements but also join in as quartermasters of the cooperation or the new organization. By making adjustments and targeted cracking and taking people along with us, we ensure accelerated progress in future-proof organizations. This is how we keep people on board. By connecting stakeholders, we create change, whether private-private, public-public or public-private. We know how to create synergy and initiate transition; our approach is future-proof. We translate target images of the organization into a concrete path to follow. We take the lead and pave the way. Do you follow?

Deep dive

In healthcare, we are working on cross-domain cooperation between parties. In elder care, we have made cooperation agreements at the regional level between care providers, health insurers and municipalities, and as a result vulnerable elderly people can live independently at home for longer. We do the same in youth care and forensic care. We have a wide range of forms of cooperation and corresponding financial agreements: from light-footed cooperation agreements to the establishment of a cooperative in which parties join forces.


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