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In an ideal world, there would be a financial solution to every problem. Our approach to financial structuring focuses on optimizing social returns. This includes not only financing complex infrastructure or energy projects, but also, for example, creating jobs, improving waste management, access to education, reducing CO2 emissions and improving biodiversity.

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Typical assignments we undertake are obtaining financing, preparing financial models, advising and supporting acquisition and merger processes, and shaping collaborations with private partners. In these, we look for unconventional solutions that combine social and financial objectives. Our role is diverse, ranging from a second pair of eyes on a business case or financial model to leading the financial structuring of projects, making contracts bankable and raising the necessary (project) financing from domestic and foreign parties. We are also active in fund management: we structure funds from start to finish, develop strategy, arrange management and evaluate effectiveness.

In our work, we are in constant contact with the financial market and are ideally placed to create innovative solutions, from initiation to operation. In doing so, we specialize in building modular financial models that are understandable and can be maximized for project progress and success. We are there from start to finish: from contacting relevant financiers to achieving financial close.


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