Working with businesses to achieve a circular economy

Realized in The Netherlands

Working with businesses to achieve a circular economy

Challenges to society call for a new approach to the economy. In order to tackle problems like plastic soup and climate change, we need to move towards circular production processes that reuse raw materials. The business community has an essential role to play in this transition, driving forward innovation and upscaling. Although companies show a willingness to take on this responsibility, they are seeking to strike the right balance between economic and societal interests. Rebel identifies and assesses these interests, helping to achieve sustainability ambitions even faster.

The challenge

In the transition towards a circular economy, companies face challenges in a multidisciplinary arena. Rebel understands these challenges and offers support on such issues as: how can a company improve its sustainability? How do you implement sustainable initiatives by means of an effective business case? How can you adapt your supply chain in order to have a more sustainable impact? How can product packaging be optimized for recycling? What impact do stricter national and European laws and regulations have on your organization? And how can we promote the acceleration and upscaling of sustainable initiatives?

The approach

We support the business community in its sustainability ambitions by encouraging acceleration. We do this based on finance and economics and our sustainability knowledge of the market, but also because we know and understand operational processes (such as those applied when setting up a sustainability strategy for a major supermarket).

We offer concrete tools and analysis that can be used to make strategic choices (such as the Dynamic Carbon Calculator Tool for Coca-Cola) and bring key parties together to upscale sustainable innovations and accelerate them together (including as project leader on the chemical recycling acceleration forum and program manager for electronics collection).


Together with the business community, we are successfully accelerating sustainable ambitions!