The path to sustainability for a travel based company

Realized in The Netherlands

The path to sustainability for a travel based company

FORMIA offers the travel industry different types of amenity kits, children’s kits, and comfort items as well as tailor-made in-flight service concepts. FORMIA’s aim is to change the way amenities enhance experiences and impact our world.

The challenge

Recently FORMIA is focusing on their sustainability strategy and is on a new journey to become the industry leader in terms of sustainability. Through three spheres (purposeful design, meaningful partnerships and responsible production) the goal is to get sustainability woven into the fabric of the company.

The approach

In order for FORMIA to reach their sustainability targets, Rebel supports to help FORMIA build and solidify their sustainability positioning. We do this during a two year sustainability partnership focusing on three activities: 1) Setting the baseline for FORMIA’s carbon footprint via the development of a dynamic model of both FORMIA’s company emissions and the emissions of selected amenity kits along their whole supply chain.


2) Deep dive in to the areas where most carbon emissions can be reduced via additional research in to actual data, science based targets and comparisons between amenity kits and materials used in amenity kit products. 3) Enhancing transparency through creating a sustainability report.


Rebell supported FORMIA in their journey in becomming a sustainable driven company.