Rebel and the CO2-performance ladder

Realized in The Netherlands

Rebel and the CO2-performance ladder

Rebel is committed to lowering its overall carbon footprint. In doing so, we evaluate our annual climate performance using the internationally recognized CO2-performance ladder.

Rebels ambition

The CO2 Performance Ladder is a tool that can help organizations reduce their CO2 emissions. Certification on the CO2 Performance Ladder is also sometimes included as a minimum requirement in tenders. Rebel Economics & Policy B.V. is one of the teams within Rebel and has been certified on the CO2 Performance Ladder level 3.

The approach

We calculated CO2 emissions using data on our own travel movements and office energy consumption. And our waste production and water consumption were also included. For some data, we made an allocation from Rebel-wide emissions to those of the team. After an internal audit by one of our Rebels, an external auditor scrutinized the calculations.

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Reducing Rebel's CO2 emissions with 49% by 2030.