Investing and innovating in the Rotterdam city districts of Bospolder and Tussendijken

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Investing and innovating in the Rotterdam city districts of Bospolder and Tussendijken

Working with business and the general public, we are investing in innovative solutions for making Bospolder and Tussendijken (BoTu) Rotterdam’s first resilient neighborhoods. With its partners in the municipality of Rotterdam, Rebel will be the first in the world to apply the ‘Social Impact by Design’ strategy in the social domain.

The challenge

To make BoTu Rotterdam’s first resilient neighborhood in terms of care, employment, and energy transition by raising the social index to the urban social average within a decade. This is a difficult, but essential challenge. The residential districts inside the area are vulnerable: social rented properties in the lowest segment, very outdated housing stocks, low incomes, and serious debt issues.

The approach

The ‘Resilient BoTu 2028’ program envisages huge potential and growth opportunities for creative interventions, innovative strategies, and private investments. Achieving this calls for a new way of working: inclusive, open and integrated, putting residents first and giving precedence to social aspects. In order to facilitate extra investment, new collaborative arrangements between citizens, government, housing associations and private companies will be crucial.

To achieve that, we are making an open appeal to businesses and citizens to invest in our project, marking the starting signal for an intensive process of collaboration that we call Social Impact by Design.

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By 2028, BoTu will be Rotterdam’s first resilient neighborhoods with a social index that is at the urban social average.