International education student survey, Eindhoven

Realized in The Netherlands

International education student survey, Eindhoven

Eindhoven Brainport delivers complex machinery and innovative products. The region is attracting talent from all over the world. The diversity in cultures and backgrounds is also manifest in the schoolyard.

The challenge

Knowledge workers are staying in the Netherlands for longer periods of time, and some choose to enroll their children in regular Dutch schools. Their decision may be prompted by financial considerations, by the desire to integrate into Dutch society, or by the fact that a longer stay disqualifies children from access to publicly funded international education.

The approach

Eindhoven offered a choice between either regular Dutch education or international education targeted at the traditional expats. SALTO commissioned us to explore whether there was any demand for additional options in terms of international education. On the basis of desk research and interviews with key stakeholders, we demonstrated an increasing demand for (forms of) international education, aimed at children of knowledge workers.


By conducting big data analyses of population characteristics, we identified which neighborhoods held the highest chance of success for SALTO to roll out new international educational concepts. In the designated hotspots, SALTO launched an international department.


Opening of a new school providing English-language and bilingual education to 250 students.