Improving climate resilience in PPPs in Jamaica

Realized in Jamaica

Improving climate resilience in PPPs in Jamaica

Developing climate resilience tools in Jamaica to fortify PPP infrastructure through the Caribbean against changing weather patterns. Rebel is on the forefront of integrating climate resiliency into PPP frameworks.

The challenge

Most of Jamaica’s infrastructure and settlements line the country’s 1,200-km shoreline and are increasingly vulnerable to climate change. Jamaica wanted to ensure that its infrastructure PPP development process systematically incorporated climate resiliency considerations—something not yet done anywhere in the world.

The approach

We examined Jamaica’s PPP policy framework, practices and projects to determine its existing practices. We reviewed emerging practices at the intersection of PPPs and climate change to understand what could be done. From there, we developed an Action Plan with short, medium- and long-term steps Jamaica could take to better include climate resiliency aims in their planning process.

We also developed a companion toolkit with practical guidelines and solutions to identify, assess, and mitigate climate-related risks.


First country in the world to integrate climate resilience into its PPP framework.