Future scenarios of the Dutch waste incineration market

Realized in The Netherlands

Future scenarios of the Dutch waste incineration market

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (IenW) is the Dutch government department responsible for the transition towards a circular economy and the development of a sustainable waste management sector.

The challenge

The trajectory “Future Agenda for Waste Management Towards a Circular Economy” should lead to an agreement on a joint agenda with commitments to concrete long-term CE targets, to which the Dutch Ministry of IenW, the Dutch Waste Management Association (Dutch: VA) and its members are committed. Full circularity, investment in recycling as well as a timetable the phasing out of incineration and landfill in the Netherlands, must be part of this future agenda.

The approach

Rebel supports the Ministry of IenW in this trajectory. One component of our assignment is the modeling, analysis and reporting of a scenario study of supply and demand in the Dutch incineration market. Rebel has developed and calculated several future scenarios, based on key developments in the (international) waste processing market.


This was done in close cooperation with various government departments and with the private sector.


The result is a projection of future scenarios for the Dutch incineration market, which has been published by the Ministry of IenW and has been addressed as a discussion paper in the House of Representatives of the Netherlands.