Developing the development impact strategy and practices for FSD Africa

Realized in Kenya
Rebel supports FSD Africa during a 3-year partnership with implementing and further developing the Development Impact (DI) strategy and practices, with a focus on social, environmental and gender impact. Rebel acts as the team lead of local and international consultants specialized in climate, gender and impact finance.

The challenge

Realizing sustainable economic development takes time and is highly dependent on a complex set of macro-economic factors, an adequate regulatory regime, and the ambitions of the change-makers who are involved. FSD Africa’s mission is to transform Africa’s green financial markets and make finance work for Africa’s future by providing regulatory support, investing in promising transactions and building capital markets.

The approach

Rebel supports FSD Africa with the evolvement of its Impact Management System. As part of its assignment Rebel has supported the design of a Development Impact Course for FSD Africa staff (particularly investment teams), investee companies, and partners to gain a better grounding in the principles of development impact, the rationale behind FSD Africa’s work, as well as the FSD Africa Development Impact approach and practices.

The course was designed to move from a universal overview of the history and recent developments in managing development impact of market systems work globally, to more specific deep dives into FSD Africa tools, themes and processes.

The experience of a rebel

An exciting development project

"Aligned with FSD Africa's mission, I believe in supporting the wider development finance value chain to satisfy the financing needs of the end-client, who could be a farmer in Kenya, or the CEO of a renewable energy company in Malawi. These people are the key actors to practically deliver on the SDGs, for example by supporting jobs (SDG 8), or by reducing GHG emissions (SDG 7)."
Ingwell Kuil


Rebel passionately supports the delivery of FSD Africa's ambition to make finance work for Africa's future.