Autonomous shuttle use cases development

Realized in The Netherlands

Autonomous shuttle use cases development

Supporting the development of a series of use cases for autonomous ‘microtransit’ through electric shuttles, in order to promote clean and safe last-mile transit in cities across the Netherlands and beyond – and in selected cases, investing Rebel’s time and capital into the actual realization of projects!

Shuttle bus

The challenge

The language and concepts of driverless mobility and electric transport are on everybody’s minds, but until recently this translated mostly into temporary pilots and demonstrations on expo grounds and in other, similarly closed and time-limited deployments. At Rebel, recognizing the current momentum and maturity of technology development, we decided it was time to move further. We have therefore begun to develop a series of use cases across the Netherlands where last-mile, autonomous transit service makes sense from transit and mobility perspective.

The approach

Our ability to rise to the challenge of bringing autonomous last-mile transit to the next level builds on our understanding of the use case, of the need to develop a robust partnership between all stakeholders and of the state of available technology and the field of technology providers.

At the core of our approach for every case lies a quick scan of the use case. Where and what is the potential value-addition of implementing last mile autonomous service in a particular transit or mobility environment? We help to identify potential use cases across transit networks. Our quick scan studies looking at routing and stops/infrastructure adjustments, required system specification, regulatory aspects, fleet, staffing needs and control room setup, costs and implementation planning.

We are working on a range of different use cases including hospital accessibility (Haga, The Hague), expo shuttle services (ESA-ESTEC, Noordwijk), airport-transit linkage (Rotterdam-The Hague Airport), urban development (Binckhorst, The Hague) and university campus grounds (Delft).

We invest time and capital into bringing these use cases further, to actual implementation and operation. To do so we partner with technical partners (e.g. the Future Mobility Network), authorities and transit operator partners (e.g. for the Haga use case: The Hague municipal transit operator HTM). Being true Rebels, to make things happen, we always go the extra, last mile!

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