Adapting to rising water levels in the Maas river

Realized in The Netherlands

Adapting to rising water levels in the Maas river

The dikes surrounding the Maas protect around 270.000 civilians and companies from rising water levels. The project Meanderende Maas aims to strengthen the dike between Ravenstein and Lith, to provide more space for the water on the Brabant side and to make the surrounding areas more recreationally appealing.

The challenge

The water levels in the Maas are heavily dependent on rainfall. With the changing climate these levels are expected to be higher than ever in the future. This means more pressure on the existing dikes.

In 2017 new laws surrounding safety standards were implemented. This meant the dike between Ravenstein and Lith needed to be adjusted to fit the new standards.

The approach

Ten organizations will be working together with the citizens in the surrounding areas and stakeholders on the future of the characteristic area around the Maas. The project partners are: water authority Aa en Maas, province Noord-Brabant, municipality Oss, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Rijkswaterstaat, province Gelderland, municipality West Maas en Waal, municipality Wijchen and water authority Rivierenland en Natuurmonumenten.

Rebel assisted Boskalis – a company providing creative and innovative all-round solutions to infrastructural challenges in the maritime, coastal and delta regions – in the development of the winning plans for this tender. 

The Meanderende Maas project will stimulate the local economy and make the area more attractive for the development of flora and fauna and recreational activities.


Assisting Boskalis in the plans for the restructuring of the dikes and surrounding areas of the Maas.