A new life for unoccupied government buildings Hasselt

Realized in Belgium

A new life for unoccupied government buildings Hasselt

Architecture firm PTA and Rebel jointly created the concept study Willemskwartier Hasselt.

The Challenge

In the heart of Hasselt, two unoccupied government buildings provide a lever for a new inner-city development vision. Focused on affordable and sustainable housing, livability, efficient use of space and social cohesion.

The Approach

PTA, together with Rebel, initially focuses on the wishes and ambitions of the City of Hasselt. After a potential scan of the reallocated buildings and a quantification of the demand for space, a design study follows. Here Rebel watches over the real estate and procedural feasibility. Development scenarios are worked out, each of which Rebel substantiates with reflections on financial and management feasibility.

PTA and Rebel will discuss the ideas with the City of Hasselt. The result is a supported spatial and programmatic preferred scenario with a sound financial and management formula. Finally, the transition agenda for the buildings is outlined while the impact on the neighborhood is also mapped and improved.


A supported preferred scenario for urban renewal in the heart of Hasselt with solid financial backing.