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Everyone deserves to grow up safely in a stimulating environment. The decentralizations have turned much in youth aid upside down. The current challenges in youth aid demand a lot from both municipalities and care providers. In such complex issues, we are at our best. We come up with innovative contract forms and tendering processes and develop organizational and funding models that help children and society move forward.

Youth care

A quick intro

Municipalities have been given a new role and healthcare organizations have had to settle into a new position and comply with new rules. This has been a complex transition, one that continues to demand a great deal from both municipalities and healthcare providers. A multi-year transition, with shared learning experiences and struggles, sometimes taking two steps forward and one step back. But for us, major transitions like these are familiar ground – they’re where we thrive. We create innovative contracts and tenders, developing organizational and funding models that promote value creation for children and the wider community. We work on innovative new propositions for healthcare providers while building partnerships with the aim of developing new forms of collaboration. We also combine our healthcare, financial, and organizational knowledge to fine-tune our “transformation business case” and help healthcare providers stay in control as they take the next leap forward. 


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