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Our view of punishment is changing. The number of people in detention is decreasing sharply. Reintegration and resocialization are getting more emphasis, with attention to the right balance between treatment, guidance and security. This requires new solutions and other forms of cooperation between parties and professionals in the judicial, care and social domains.

A quick intro

Rebel is helping to bring about change in the judicial domain, including an overhaul of the Dutch juvenile justice system, the modernization of legal aid, and new forms of sentencing through the Koers & Kansen innovation program. 

In all these activities, we take a human-centered, integral, and tailored approach. We look for new organizational structures and forms of collaboration, ensuring appropriate governance and funding by using thorough monitoring and evaluation to investigate what works. With a solid substantive knowledge base, complemented by data skills and a broader economic perspective, we tackle these complex issues head-on. When we take on a project or program, we’re involved from start to finish – from the initial design all the way to the implementation and evaluation phases.


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