climate adaptation for and by companies

Climate adaptation for and by companies

A quick intro

In recent years, numerous national economies and companies spanning various sectors have felt the severe impacts of climate change. Heatwaves, droughts, and flooding events have become increasingly prevalent. A United Nations study from 2019 titled “25 Years of Adaptation under the UNFCCC” projected that the worldwide costs of adaptation are anticipated to be in the range of USD 140 billion to 300 billion annually by 2030, with the potential to escalate to between USD 280 billion and 500 billion annually by 2050.

Our mission:

We raise awareness and advise companies on climate risks for specific industries, locations, and supply chains and show them appropriate action and adaptation strategies and measures to increase their corporate climate resilience.

We support the climate adaptation economy – i.e., companies that offer services and innovative solutions for climate adaptation – in their market development and show them financing and funding opportunities.


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