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As an international economist, my personal goal is to increase the impact of Rebel in East Africa.

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Since September 2018, I am the managing director of our office in Nairobi. With already an office in Johannesburg, Rebel is now ideally placed to contribute to the pathways to change on this unique continent full of promise! I work in the enthusiastic and results-driven way that is characteristic for all Rebels all over the world. This exciting Rebel adventure has already resulted in projects in Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Uganda and South Africa for both public and private sector clients. The current focus of our East Africa office is on realizing infrastructure PPPs in a variety of sectors (a.o. energy, transport, health).

I am an international economist by education with over 12 years’ experience in Europe and Africa, in the public and private sector. In the coming years, I will follow my ambition to create a sustainable hub for Rebel in the region – a Kenyan-Dutch branch that combines local expertise with the unique Rebel culture and skillset.

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